Sunday, July 02, 2006

Youtube Video

I've discovered Youtube Video!

The original Allman Brothers Band at Filmore East, Whipping Post Part 1 and Part2.

A Stanley Clarke solo on upright bass that is very much like the performance that my daughter and I saw at Symphony Hall here in Atlanta last Christmas, when he played with Jean Luc Ponty and Bela Fleck as Trio. I've seen him perform twice before, once with the original Return to Forever (!) and a second time sitting on the edge of the stage at the Fox in Atlanta just playing his electric bass for a while. But I was completely blown away by the Trio concert.

Here's an older video of Stanley Clarke on upright bass.

Speaking of Return To Forever, here's The Magician by the original band!

And if you've never seen Michael Hedges (1953--1997) play, these are some of my favorite videos of him “reinventing the guitar.”
Finally, the classical-jazz-rock fusion of Emerson, Lake and Palmer! Here are three versions of Take a Pebble that really show off the greatest progressive rock group of the 70s. All are from around 1970.

(Flash! The third version, though I like it least of the three, is from California Jam in 1974!! Finally video of that concert. There are other clips at Youtube from ELP at California Jam, including Karn Evil 9.)