Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This Slashdot article pointing to a NYT article on Illumio is fascinating!

They plan to use a reverse-auctioning system and local computer software to identify experts in a social (or oganizational) system. This could be yet another sub-revolution in the IT world, a new way of doing things.

For example, if it works as described, it would be a new way to identify the true experts in an enterprise and a new means for them to be available for consultation.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Deleted Messages

Wait a minute!

I just realized that the problem of dealing with Deleted messages has a much simpler solution than I was thinking. Each deleted message has an X-Status: D line in the header. If I need to go back and re-mark them or remove them (expunge them) after the fact, those can be done at any time! The header lines are still in each message!

There could be a simple re-mark script or expunge script to do this.

Creating a Google Search Link

So, you may notice below that the Infiniband executes a Google search. Here's how that's done.


High Speed Interconnects and Ethernet

Slashdot has an article on high speed intereconnect technologies vs. Ethernet which is relevant to clustering. The message: Ethernet is usually too slow, but it's catching up. The competing technologies are Myrinet and Infiniband.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Surrounded by Storms

There were thunderstorms all around us today but it hardly rained here at the office.

This is what it looked like from the office window.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

HHO Welding and Cars

Seth sent along this fascinating link to a story about HHO.


I think the key question is, that I'm not sure of the answer to yet: How much electricity does it take to produce the HHO? What's the efficiency like?

Still, this is somewhat amazing!

Giant Insect Attacks US78

A Giant insect was seen leaping over US78 in Snellville on 3 May. Drivers were surprisingly calm.

Indexing and Searching

So with Blosxom I can generate static HTML pages which load very quickly, particularly for putting up on my other web site. The problem I've been thinking about is that the static pages aren't searchable using the search plugin in Blosxom.

One solution might be to hack the plugin.

But maybe a better one is to just make sure the static pages are linked in so that Google indexes them and makes them searchable. Then, I think I can put up a search link/button that will search my site. There's a published way to do that.

So with that idea I can continue to use Blosxom for posting new posts and have a somewhat manageable archive.

OR, I can switch over to Blogger and let it handle everything (for example).

Another option is to do both. End Monolith Daily and put it up using the first approach, then begin blogging anew here.

One problem is that I've tried searching for words in these posts and can't find them. Maybe it has to wait to be crawled?

Xanga is Busy

By saying Xanga is busy (below) what I mean is the interface/editing page, as well as the home page and such. Blogger is sort of the opposite and LiveJournal is (nicely) in between.

Hah! I just now discovered the inteface where you can change the date and time! There's a link at the bottom, Post and Comment Options, where you can edit all of that. Brilliant!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Tried Xanga

I tried Xanga. It worked surprisingly well. It's very busy, though. Also it's missing the ability to change the date and timestamp.

Code snippets

One capability that's important to me when blogging is the abiltiy ti inset code snippets. How does that work here?

Well, there's no specific code formatting option.

$x = $a * $b;
print "Hello World\n";

How did that work? Well, it's not too bad. I like the look and feel and such. I don't see any way to fake the time and date stamp, though. I like to be able to do that some times. If I edit a post does it get a new time and date? Probably.

My blogs

So I created a list of all the blogs I use. There are seven on the list! I claim to use five of them seriously. Only one other is public like this blog and that's Monolith Daily.

I'm thinking of this blog as an alternative to Monolith daily. But I *really* like editing Monolith Daily in Blosxom in Emacs. I don't know if I want to give that up or not.

Changing the profile

So I'm fooling around with the profile to change the look and feel. I want to put something in that block but not really my profile info.

The First Posting

Since I'm using Google for a lot these days, I may as well use Blogger for some blogging. I have way too many blogs but this will be a public one and one that's not tied to my office site.

I was keeping a blog here but then moved it to my own personal pages.

So the question is: keep a blog on Blogspot or put up my own?

I'll try both for now.