Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blackberry Flip Pearl 8220

During my recent phone shopping (back at Christmas) I was really impressed with the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220.  It has a QWERTY keyboard emulated on a smaller phone keypad, two letters per key, but it's quite useable and better than a regular phone key pad for typing.  It's predictive text works pretty well.  And, it's a blackberry with all of the apps.  It's also a Wi-Fi device!  Additionally, it has this neat message notification system (txt, email messages) in the outside window of the flip phone.

T-Mobile has dropped it's price to $50 (at least the phone upgrade price).

No, none of us have actually owned one of these since we headed off into the Android smart phone direction instead.  But, if I was just getting a phone, this is one I'd look to get.  Truthfully, the Android (HTC Dream, G-1) and the Blackberry Curve (8320) are harder to use as phones  than an actual phone and I find myself missing the Razr sometimes.  (That said, I use those devices as a phone probably 10% of the time and as an Internet device  and PDA most of the rest of the time).  So, that 8220 seems to be a great solution to what one needs.  Also it's a step up from the txt-ing and Facebook-messaging user from a regular phone.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Oursource Enterprise Email to Gmail

Here's a pretty good article by David Berlind of Information Week on why one should consider moving enterprise email to Gmail.


Thursday, March 05, 2009

Amazing RC B-29 and X-1

Watch this amazing Youtube video of a B-29 with a model Bell X-1 under the wing!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Whither Perl?

Sigh.  I guess I'm really a hard core Python programmer now, because I just spelled Perl as “Pearl.”

Square Root Day

Jim K sent email pointing out it's “Square Root Day,”  3/3/09.  I guess the last Square Root Day was 2/2/04 (02-02-2004) and, as Jim points out, the next one will be 4/4/16  (04-04-2016).  Oh, and I shouldn't forget the trivial solution, which was 1/1/01, the first day of the millenium!

Somehow I keep thinking it should be called Square Day.

So these were all repeated in the last century (which nearly all of us lived in, as strange as that still sounds to me).  I was here for 8/8/64, 9/9/81, and 10/10/100, well, if you count 2000 in that Perlish way.