Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blackberry Flip Pearl 8220

During my recent phone shopping (back at Christmas) I was really impressed with the Blackberry Pearl Flip 8220.  It has a QWERTY keyboard emulated on a smaller phone keypad, two letters per key, but it's quite useable and better than a regular phone key pad for typing.  It's predictive text works pretty well.  And, it's a blackberry with all of the apps.  It's also a Wi-Fi device!  Additionally, it has this neat message notification system (txt, email messages) in the outside window of the flip phone.

T-Mobile has dropped it's price to $50 (at least the phone upgrade price).

No, none of us have actually owned one of these since we headed off into the Android smart phone direction instead.  But, if I was just getting a phone, this is one I'd look to get.  Truthfully, the Android (HTC Dream, G-1) and the Blackberry Curve (8320) are harder to use as phones  than an actual phone and I find myself missing the Razr sometimes.  (That said, I use those devices as a phone probably 10% of the time and as an Internet device  and PDA most of the rest of the time).  So, that 8220 seems to be a great solution to what one needs.  Also it's a step up from the txt-ing and Facebook-messaging user from a regular phone.