Thursday, January 01, 2009

Evening Planets!

I saw them! The Moon and Venus (easily) and Mercury and Jupiter (very dim, relatively, and close to the horizon). I forgot all about the apparition last night, New Year's Eve, but thought of it tonight while I was out and looked up and saw the splendor of the Moon and Venus.

I found a great place with a good horizon. For anyone that lives near us, the parking lot of the Best Buy, though there are shopping center lights below the horizon, provides a wonderful western horizon!

I saw two candidates for Mercury and Jupiter though I would have expected them to appear much brighter. It was about 18:45 EST and this is 1 Jan of course. I was also looking in the general vicinity of Hartsfield, so I waited to see if they seemed to move. In fact, they didn't move or twinkle so I concluded they were definitly astronomical and probably the planets.

Back at home just now, I consulted the Sky and Telescope interactive star chart (which now requires that you set up a login account) and verified that indeed I had seen all four bodies.