Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Eary Impressions of Wave

Here are some of my early impressions of Google Wave.

  • It addresses many of my technical concerns about communication almost perfectly.
  • But then the federation approach, while completely appropriate and I think a good thing, may dilute it's effectiveness  in meeting my communication goals.
  • But maybe not.  The federated approach may give you a single closed system for corporate communication.  The problem is that it's not sender-stored but, instead,  there's a lot of information exchange.
  • There are **lots** of bells and whistles.  Granted, they are all amazing.  Still, they don't quite align with my personal preference for minimalism and simplicity.  8-(
  • Ah, a major concern:  The data interchange between clients is very rich and heavy.  Well, it seems so.
More to come.