Monday, May 24, 2010


I never became a fan of Lost.  It looked interesting and I watched a handful of episodes, but as soon as I saw a dark cloud flying around and doing things, I became much less interested.  It seemed that the writers were creating a world with no rules, where they could make anything happen whenever they wanted, and that's just not interesting to me.

I guess this is why I like science fiction.  A little magic is always okay.  You know, faster-than-light travel, space travelers that aren't weightless, time travel.  Even creating a new universe is okay if the new rules are explained.  But, please, not like The Matrix where the explaining seems to go on for hours!  In my favorite review of The Matrix, the author said it was like someone sitting down to explain a new card game and an hour later they are still going over the new rules.

Sometimes, when watching media today, it reminds me of when we were kids, playing.  Someone would say, ``Wait!  I know what we can do.  You can be this and you can be that, then we'll....''  I get the feeling the film makers are out on location literally making up the story as they go along.  I'm not saying that kind of spontaneous creativity is necessarily bad, just that it shouldn't show.

When those two things are combined (or seem to be), then that's not a show that will hold my attention.  To be fair, though, even a good show may not hold my attention for long.  I tend not to watch any TV show for more than a season and a fraction.  There are notable exceptions to this, of course!

I like the tweet by @Ihnatko:

So long as Bob Newhart remains alive, ending any series with him saying "Emily...I just had another weird dream!" is an option.