Saturday, October 30, 2010

The 11-in Macbook Air

I saw the 11-in Macbook Air at the Apple Store last night.  My first impression is, Wow!  My second impression is, Yeah, Apple is right on this one, this is the future of the netbook/laptop computer.

Additional impressions:

  • This is better than the iPad.  Yeah, I've finally played with iPads on a few occasions and it's compelling and amazing, but I'm not sure how practical.  The enthusiasts I listen to on podcasts are starting talk about migrating back to their laptops and refer to the pad as always a second computer that you want to use, but that it's maybe even a luxury.
  • The 11-in screen is sufficient and the resolution is the same as on the 13.
  • My 13-in Macbook Pro seems big now.   8-/  And heavy.  !!
  • I've been expecting the end-of-media for a few years now and I'm starting to embrace it.  I'm resisting buying CDs, DVDs and Bluray discs, and a Bluray player, so far.  So, no so-called optical drive is okay, I think.
  • The 11-in has exactly the ports I use, USB for a mouse and keyboard, video for external monitor or TV, audio for speakers or headphone.
  • The wider aspect screen seems shorter and is a bit off-putting.  I don't know if it would actually be bothersome but that's something to take a second look at.
More later.

Basically I've had nothing but reservations about the iPad from the start, in spite of being excited about the idea of a computing pad for decades.  I have no reservations and I'm pretty excited about this computer.