Tuesday, July 10, 2012


FlipBoard is beautiful.  I've been using it since about the first day it became available on Android for general users.  Maybe three weeks?

However, in the past couple of days I've gone back to reading Twitter, meaning news in general, on Seesmic on my phone.  It's just faster to read down through the tweets without having to flip over the images.

Again, the experience of using FlipBoard, the fonts and the look are a joy to use.  I'll probably use FlipBoard when I want to be entertained a bit more by my news reading experience than simply getting the information.

I do have one complaint.  Some web sites rendered on FlipBoard are a little hard to use.  I find myself fighting with the (already annoying) Android pinch-zoom-scroll feature to get the text zoomed and placed in the FlipBoard version.  I finally adopted the practice of just tapping the drop down and selecting View On Web to go to Chrome.  Note this is on web sites that FlipBoard renders in their usual web view and not in a FlipBoard-optimized version.  I think.