Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kitty and Spider

I learned something new about spiders.

The cat was chasing something around the living room floor that I expected was probably a spider.  When the chase finally took the kitty behind the armoire, my daughter took a picture of him back there with her phone.

As usual, it was a picture of a cat with eyes glowing brightly from the flash.

I remarked that it would be really funny if you could, in fact, see the spider's eyes glowing, too.

Looking at the picture, she replied, You can!

So there they were, a kitty and a spider, both with glowing eyes.  I had no idea that spider eyes did that!  (Or at least some part of a spider).

We could even stand there,  sight along our phone flashlights aimed directly at the spider and see the little reflections, very distinct and bright.  It looked like there were two of them even though I was pretty sure that arachnids have eight eyes.