Monday, June 21, 2010

Email Quiet

Hmm.  My inbox on Gmail is strangely silent this morning.  All my messages are read.  Granted, I've been thinking a lot more about GTD in the past 24 hours, which includes the concept of inbox zero, but I didn't expect just thinking about it would produce such dramatic results.  Are all of the spammy commercial vendors (which I basically expect to get email from, i.e., it's of some relevance or from vendors I use) are tired after the Father's day barrage?

I checked my domain names.  None have expired or expire any time soon.  I checked whois and I still own them all.  I used dig to check MX records and they are all in order.  I tried to connect to MX servers and couldn't but that's (I'm sure) due to ISP restrictions on directly originating email, a good tactic to discourage spam-generating viruses.

I tried an email message from Yahoo mail to my domain address and it worked.  Looking at the original message and the headers, there was a seven-minute delay as the message was relayed on internal Google servers.

But the quiet is weird.

I look in my spam folder, which I usually *never* look at.  It's probably been months or years since I actually opened up the spam folder.  Well, probably.  There are surprisingly few messages in there and nothing that looks interesting.  In fact there is only a grand total of 14 messages for all of June so far.


I tried another message to an address on another one of my domains.  This one relayed through with only a small delay, 39 seconds from start at Yahoo to finish at Gmail.

Still, it's quiet.   Too quiet....