Monday, June 21, 2010

My Monitor Died

I was using my desktop workstation yesterday and suddenly the monitor slowly faded to black.  It's almost like the power-saving mode involuntarily kicked in.  Alas, it seems to be dead.

This is kind of sad.  It's the last glass CRT in the house, at least on a computer.  I'm sure there's a replacement out in the garage.  However, now that everyone is using Macbooks nearly all the time, they are lobbying to get rid of the last computer workstation downstairs.

I think it would be a good idea to keep it around for quick lookups.  Well, okay, most of us use our phones for things like that.  What about visitors who want to check their Facebook account and such?  I think it would be good for that.  And if nothing else, I think the LCD monitor, keyboard and mouse should stand by for a laptop to be connected when more screen space is wanted.

In any event, it's pretty clear that the desktop computer is on the way out at our house.  This is certainly a sign of the times and the day that we knew was imminent.    The desktop computer is disappearing.  They'll never be gone.  There are many applications where a big screen, keyboard and mouse (well, I think) are needed.  They might just be connected to your laptop or who knows what.

Ah well, in any event, I'll be replacing the old, gigantic CRT on my desk with an LCD panel which is long overdue anyway.