Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Who do I recommend following on Twitter?  Recently I was talking to a co-worker about how I had switched from using RSS to Twitter for reading news a few years ago (meaning at least two, I'm not sure without checking).  That leads to the question, who would I recommend following.

In the past I would have said to just look at my re-tweets to gather a recommended list.  However, most recently I've taken to writing blog posts here instead of re-tweeting most of the time, though I'll still re-tweet short items of interest.   When I post, I usually just link back to the original article so there's not any mention of who I got the article link from on Twitter.

I'm going to experiment with ways to acknowledge the original tweets and Twitter account, starting with a classic RT at the beginning of the post.  However, if that's just too repulsive to look at on an otherwise nice looking blog post, the next idea will be some other Twitter acknowledgement, maybe at the bottom.

The nice thing about an RT is that it will show up in the Twitter feed that's reduced from my blog in the traditional way.  We'll see how this goes.