Saturday, June 16, 2012

Verified by Visa?

I was submitting an order on-line for refurbished electronics from a site I normally don't use.  A window popped up for Verified by Visa asking for the CVV code again, also the last four digits of my social security number and asking me to create a password.  It has our bank's logo on it.

Of course I was suspicious.  I poked around the web and found the actual Visa site as well as this article which pretty much explains what happened to me along with the program.

I also went to my bank's web site and found a discussion of the program there.

The bottom line:  This is a good thing.  It essentially adds a password to your credit card.  You have to supply this password when you use your card on-line.

I would have appreciated more warning but maybe there was something from the bank that I ignored.