Friday, February 12, 2010

Web IDE Part 2: Where's my UNIX?

The other thing I'd miss is the UNIX (Linux) command line.  If everything is on the web, where can I type

| sort | uniq -c | sort -nr


I bet you could run a virtual shell environment in a browser tab.

Finally (or at least what I can think of so far):  I'd want to be able to write little tools, in Python or something, to do useful things.  Actually, I think that could be done.  The Bespin editor has a command line interface to the editor.  You could just as easily put a shell-like command line interface there.

I think it can be done.  It just requires some tools and carefully removing our work space from the desk top and re-gluing it onto the cloud.  I will admit, though, I've seen clouds.  They aren't hard and solid, but they're white and fluffy.  Truth be told, they're actually quite damp and foggy, not something easy to glue to…

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